Papa Bob’s Ultimate Destroyer Challenge


The “Ultimate Destroyer” has been aerodynamically designed for ease of sliding through the air to arrive at your table, but that’s where the aerodynamics stop. Under its stealth cover are mounds of meat that will surely be leaving you gasping for air if you succeed in the “Ultimate Destroyer Challenge.”

Spread out on the first layer of the 12” hoagie bun is a half pound of mouth watering pulled pork. Atop that, a half pound of hickory smoked sliced pork. Above a generous squirt of Papa Bob’s regular sauce, we add two slices of bread.

Next comes a half pound layer of sliced, hickory smoked ham with a half pound layer of hickory smoked turkey breast above that.
Following the sauce and two more pieces of bread, add three, count ‘em, three, half pound hickory smoked hamburgers with another generous squirt of sauce.

Add the bread and here comes the beef. A half pound of tender hickory smoked brisket spread out with a half pound of lean, hickory smoked BBQ sausage as the last layer followed with yet another squirt of sauce.

All this will try to be camouflaged with the top of the hoagie bun. But wait…There’s more.

For your culinary enjoyment, we’re adding one and one half pounds of fries and four dill pickle spears or four jalapeno peppers, or two of each (pickles & peppers) to complete the “Ultimate Destroyer Challenge.”

So what’s the challenge?
Eat everything that’s on the pretty plate in 45 minutes or less, and it’s free.
But if you can’t, you’ll pay Papa Bob’s $58 for the “Ultimate Destroyer” and get to take the rest of it home. Come to think about it, you’ll pay for it either way.
If you succeed, you’ll get your picture on the Papa Bob’s Wall of Fame (or in some cases Wall of Shame,)a Papa Bob’s Tee Shirt, an “I survived the Ultimate Destroyer” button, and a great big “Attaboy” or “Attagirl” and don”t forget “BRAGGIN RIGHTS”!

The Rules

  • Payment must be made in advance. Credit cards or cash will be refunded if you complete & win the challenge.
  • No bathroom breaks; just sit there and eat & eat & eat & eat & eat & eat.
  • No charge for fountain drinks.
  • No dipping any part of the sandwich or fries in drinks.
  • Must keep all food down at least 5 (five) minutes after your last bite. If you launch it, you gotta clean it!! (floors, tables, chairs, parking lot, employees, customers, etc.)
  • A Papa Bob’s Up-Chuck Bucket will be provided at your table (just in case).
  • Papa Bob’s is not responsible for anything mentally or physically that arises from eating the “Ultimate Destroyer.”
  • To participate, you will need to print, sign and present the release form. Download Adobe Acrobat

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